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Strip heaters by Thermal Corporation are constructed with the highest quality material available. A resistance element is wound around a sheet of mica, insulated on both sides with mica, and then a sheet of coated steel is folded around the composite layers of mica. Mica strip heaters are used in a wide variety of industrial applications. The most frequent use is to heat metal parts (such as dies and platens) by clamping one of the flat surfaces on the metal part. They are sometimes used as heaters for hoppers and other containers to heat the liquid or solid containers. Lead length tolerances are as follows: ± 1″ (up to 72″) and ± 2% (over 72″). View the standard configurations list and available options by clicking on the links above.


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diagram of a Thermal Corporation strip heater with measurements



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Written by Jennifer Taylor & Shelby Reece
Date Published: 01.17.2014
Last Updated: 03.11.2020

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