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Refractory probes by Thermal for higher temperatures are made with inconel sheaths and magnesium oxide insulation. The probe bodies and insulation will withstand temperatures up to 1500°F.  Type K and J thermocouple wire is always available for quick shipment; type T is also available but may require longer delivery times.  Probe diameters available are .040″, .062″, .125″, .188″, and .250″.  Three types of junctions (sensitive end of probe) are available, as shown below.  To order any of our thermocouples, specify configuration number, probe diameter, probe length, junction type, thermocouple type, and lead length (where applicable).


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Exposed Junctions are used for  measuring gas temperatures with quick response. Only useful when moisture or other contaminants are not present in the gas.

diagram showing exposed junctions in Thermal Corporation refractory probes


Grounded Junctions are used for virtually all applications except where stray electrical signals may leak into the thermocouple conductors.

diagram showing grounded junctions in Thermal Corporation refractory probes


Ungrounded Junctions are used when the thermocouple conductors need to be electrically isolated from their environment.

diagram showing ungrounded junctions in Thermal Corporation refractory probes

Written by Jennifer Taylor & Shelby Reece
Date Published: 01.17.2014
Last Updated: 03.12.2020

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